Sweden and Malaysia are joining forces to enhance the green transition

A collaboration supporting Malaysian stakeholders and Swedish companies to implement solutions that help meet carbon-neutrality targets.

Malaysia and Sweden are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to become carbon neutral by 2050 and 2045 respectively. To meet these goals, there is a critical need for stakeholders across disciplines to combine strengths to solve shared challenges.

Malaysia is at a pivotal moment in its green transition as sustainability has been accepted as a key focus area by the government. In addition to several initiatives and policies advocating low carbon reform in transport, production, energy, and the environment, Malaysia is poised to champion green growth and honour its commitment to global targets. Sweden is a well-known sustainability leader, providing proven, scalable solutions across industry sectors to build a more sustainable future.

Swedish companies who have set ambitious global sustainability goals with clearly defined targets and roadmaps for how to achieve them have a critical role to play; and Swedish companies in Malaysia agree that sustainability is a key priority going forward.

The Malaysia-Sweden Green Transition Alliance aims to deliver impact for members by reaching key decision makers, target companies, and projects across Malaysia’s ecosystem. The Alliance will promote Swedish solutions and knowledge, and connect them to opportunities within Malaysia, supporting companies, and the country, to reach their sustainability goals.

Business Sweden will deliver a series of programmes and activities throughout 2023 with a focus on themes including green mobility and transport, green production, and sustainable urban development. Together, let’s pioneer the possible.


The platform is fully supported by Team Sweden and implemented in cooperation with Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC). Swedish companies are offered the opportunity to participate as partners in this effort. For more information please contact Trade Commissioner Emma Broms via emma.broms@business-sweden.se

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